Damn, it Yeezy. There’s no eloquent way to start this piece.

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. And if it was in fact – as you tweeted (only to delete) – “the first piece of honest media in years,” then you should’ve trusted it to withstand the inevitable parodies. But no. You just had to go off on Jimmy Kimmel, didn’t you.

“When a dog howls at the moon, it’s another night. But when the moon howls at a dog, it’s news.” (Unknown)

In the attention economy, it doesn’t matter if this was all a publicity stunt or not. You still dominated share of voice and continue to earn media (shout out to Huffington Post, GQ, Time, and Slate for their insightful pieces on this beef). Best case scenario: Yeezus sales get a lift, you sell more tour tickets and perhaps Pusha T’s upcoming album gets some buzz. But all of this was at the cost of making your fans cringe as you took the L in that skirmish. You should’ve ignored it; you should’ve taken the high ground, Yeezus. And if you really needed to scratch an itch and get snarky – even give My Name Is My Name a…wait for it…push – you could’ve thrown shade with this sneak-diss:

“What’s a king without a crown, ni**a? What’s a circus without you clown ni**as?” (Pusha T, New God Flow)

It behooves you, Mr. West, to allow your work to speak for itself. You acknowledged with Zane that you’ve been at this game for a decade. And with a body of work like yours, you shouldn’t have to say another word to your critics. Come on, son. Just peep one song from each of years that you’ve been working:



















Again, that’s just a fraction of your contribution to the game. At this stage of your career, you earned the privilege have an obligation to ignore critics, especially comedians; you simply can’t win against Jimmy; it’s a war of attrition. Going forward, if another pedestrian pushes your buttons, simply look back at your fifty best beats for other artists as well your complete production credits. Stop making it hard for the fans out here.

Enjoy fatherhood, rock the Yeezus tour and keep making that good music. In the meantime, Kanye, please turn off your phone. And remember – it’s okay to drop the mic and walk away.

Your body of work is one of the greatest of all time. ALL. TIME.
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