Commemorating Canada’s 150th Anniversary in Scarborough | 150 NEIGHBOURS, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO

“When you’ve made a successful career in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, personal brand is important. ‘I want to be remembered as someone who helps people and organizations transform ideas into reality.'”

Sept 10, 2017      Read More


These are what psychologists say are the 12 stages of burnout | BUSINESS INSIDER

“Tell someone ‘I’m sick’ or ‘I’m tired’ and you’re not really giving the person much information. How sick? How tired? Do you have a mild cold or a dreaded disease? Are you a new parent who hasn’t slept in months or did you just enjoy the party last night a little too much?”

Aug 4, 2017      Read More

Jigsaw Piece Marketing

Student Affairs Marketing – Telling Our Story | HIGHER ED LIVE

“What does “telling our story” really mean? How can we collect meaningful data on marketing effectiveness and determine how to best allocate scarce resources of time and money? What are some effective project management systems and why do we need them? In this episode of Student Affairs Live Tony Doody speaks with Ed Cabellon, Hamza Khan, and Kat Shanahan to answer these questions and many more.”

Jul 14, 2016      Read More


The Dreamers: Meet Hamza Khan, Marketer and Entrepreneur | TALENT EGG

“If you were to meet Hamza Khan now, you might classify him as a textbook overachiever. But he wasn’t always this way. Today, Hamza has a list of accomplishments and titles a mile long: award-winning marketer, entrepreneur, public speaker, and writer to name only a few. But this stellar track record is a new development in his life. When he was a university student, Hamza felt disengaged from his program and uninspired by his studies.”

Mar 14, 2016      Read More


SMB Hiring Lessons From Splash Effect | WORKOPOLIS

“As part of a new series, we’re speaking with leaders of startups and medium-sized businesses to get a sense of their recruiting and hiring challenges, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. We recently met with Hamza Khan, CEO of Splash Effect, a Toronto-based digital marketing agency that works with educators to create progressive communications materials. Splash Effect offers everything from advertising services to digital and content marketing strategy, and has a client list that includes Hootsuite, Ryerson, University of Toronto, and Seneca.”

Sep 12, 2015      Read More


The Leader: Hamza Khan, Splash Effect | TORONTO STAR

“Hamza Khan is every young person’s dream boss. He’s the co-founder of Splash Effect, where employees come and go at their leisure, socializing is encouraged, and no expense is spared in pursuit of the creative excellence that has earned the young digital media agency its sterling reputation.”

Mar 22, 2015      Read More


Ryerson social media expert offers advice to PSE institutions | ACADEMICA

“Hamza Khan, Coordinator of Ryerson University’s student affairs creative team, offers advice on how PSE institutions can implement an effective digital strategy to better reach students. Khan says that Ryerson took a unique approach by launching a digital community position within student affairs rather than within advancement, alumni relations, or recruitment.”

Aug 22, 2014      Read More


How to reach out to students within the digital realm | UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS

“Most of the conversation around digital tools in Canadian higher education has been limited to the classroom, marketing and fundraising. But, according to Hamza Khan, there’s one department that’s been noticeably missing from this discussion: student affairs.”

Aug 20, 2014      Read More


RU Student Life’s Hamza Khan honoured with new Ryerson award | RYERSONIAN

“Hamza Khan is the man responsible for creating the interactive and multi-platform experience of RU Student Life. He is one of the six recipients of the Make Your Mark award being presented at the Ryerson Awards Night on March 27.”

Mar 24, 2014      Read More


Online Authenticity: Pop Stars Reign Supreme On Twitter | CTV

“On Nov. 28, Justin Bieber tweeted the word ‘now’ followed by 11 periods. More than 90,000 people retweeted or favourited the one-word missive. That’s roughly the same number of people who passed on his Dec. 8 bulletins ‘hanging with the team’ and the insightful ‘gym before tonight’s last show.’

Dec 14, 2013      Read More


Airlines Pitch Loyalty Programs At Small Businesses | THE GLOBE AND MAIL

“You’re a small business owner and air travel is one of those expenses that can bust a budget. While airfares have shot up in recent years, there are rewards programs and complimentary services that can take some of the sting out of business travel.”

Oct 30, 2012      Read More





The Ideas Into Action podcast reverse-engineers the careers of accomplished high performers. Each interview explores the tactics, routines, habits, and mindsets which continue to influence their success. We’ll learn how they manage and optimize their time, energy, and attention. Across these dialogues, we’ll discover patterns and ultimately arrive at a formula for succeeding in this time of great change and uncertainty. Whether you’re starting a new project, new career, or new chapter in life, the stories you’ll hear will inspire you to transform your own ideas into action.

THE ODD MEN OUT SHOW: Featured Thought Leader

Burnout can happen to anyone, especially when you are artistic, stuck in a corporate environment, and don’t have guidance to get you through. In this episode, Ram and Duck define burnout, how it’s different from simple fatigue, and how to overcome it. Featured Thought Leader is Hamza Khan.

CRASH AND FLOW: Featured Guest

Award-winning marketer and accomplished entrepreneur Hamza Khan chats with Yasin and Syed about a lot of things you probably won’t expect; like deconstructing Ja Rule’s strengths and weakness, the differences between a stand up comic and a prop comic, and the various racial slurs they were called while growing up. They discuss Mr. Worldwide’s original dreams, Transformer 5, and the design decisions of Greek sculptors. Yasin and Syed eventually pick Hamza’s brain about morning rituals, how he structures his highly productive days and his new book the Burnout Gamble, which is available now on!


IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT: * The Imposter Complex and TEDx talks * Hamza’s relationship with his imposter complex * What success means to Hamza * Insecurities and moving through them * Setting unreachable goals * What happens when you miss an unrealistic goal * The e-mail LOVE folder * The power of seeing yourself and mentors * How to have everything you want in life * The relationship between success and invitations