Indra Nooyi on Finding Balance

It doesn’t matter that she’s one of of the 4.8 percent of female Fortune 500 CEOs in the world. It doesn’t matter that she’s one of the 13% of Fortune 500 CEOs who hail from outside the country [...]

Tom Cruise on Burning Bright

With a net worth of $500,000,000, Tom Cruise is third richest actor on the planet behind Jerry Seinfeld and Shahrukh Khan. But he’s also one of the most polarizing figures in show business. A [...]

Lionel Messi on Adversity

Adidas’s 2014 FIFA commercial “The Dream: All In or Nothing” stars the fiercely determined Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and is backed by the braggadocious vocals of rapper Kanye West, who [...]